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Friday, April 01, 2005 taken over by French Investment Fund

Press release:

Amsterdam, 1 April 2005- today announced that innovation and pre-seed site is taken over by a French investment fund. Exactly which fund, is not yet released. Ideabroker released a press statement earlier today in which both a French and an American bank where mentioned as backers behind the French fund that’s looking to roll out its investment activities all over Europe. How much money is involved with the deal is not known yet, but rumor has it that it’s at least a couple of million Euros worth

The French Investment fund will setup local Ideabroker sites all over Europe in order to scout for and acquire new and innovative business ideas throughout Europe for their investment portfolio.
Ideabroker sites will be implemented this year in France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Targeted will be innovative and freshly graduated or young entrepreneurs who will be helped and coached by local seasoned entrepreneurs with money from the French Fund behind Ideabroker. Later in the year other countries will follow suit like; Russia, Estonia, Poland, and Romania.

Jan Karel Kleijn together with Bram Alkema, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Bob Stumpel founders of met the CEO of the French Investment fund and one of the backers in St Tropez in a famous nightclub. They were charmed by the Ideabroker concept and the attention and results it has had sofar and decided on the spot to come up with a takeover bid. Kleijn has been spending the past weeks finalizing the deal in Southern France.

Unknown is yet, who will be running Ideabroker and if the founders will be kept involved.
Ideabroker expects to be able to release the name of the fund and both banks on May 1st

About Ideabroker:Ideabroker is an initiative of four Dutch Internet entrepreneurs, Jan Karel Kleijn, Bram Alkema, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Bob is an independent virtual idea bank who wants to create momentum for effective idea, product and business development. Ideabroker made the press worldwide with their SMS donation idea for emergency relief on boxing day 2004 regarding the Tsunami in Asia. Since then their idea was implemented in most European countries, the US, UK and in Asia and has fetched over 20 million in aid.


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