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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some figures

Just found some figures about innovation in PW.

20% of all Dutch companies currently does something innovative: renewing products, services or processes. Between '98 and 2000 34% did this. euros is spend on R&D in 2002. That 0,7% LESS then 2001 and for the first time EVER this number dropped.

87.415 years of work were spend on innovation in 2002.

1,8% of the BBP is spend on innovation, less then the EU-15 average (1,95%), less then the OESO average (2,26%) and even less then the EU-25 average (1,86%).

These are CBS figures, so usually pretty valid. Conclusion: we suck at innovation, time to kick some ***


  • So how we gonna kick some ***? I'm game!

    By Blogger Annedien Hoen, at 10:19 am  

  • We could start a political party of course, although I guess that's a long term solution. In the short term, just keep kicking, keep having good events, keep screaming, keep logging, use whatever influance we have, maybe work together with some institutions that do have power in The Hague (like some weird platform interactive marketing or something that I recently got to know that has the support of VNO-NCW)

    By Blogger Bas van de Haterd, at 10:53 am  

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