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Monday, March 21, 2005

Size does not matter

When will you earthlings finally learn that S.I.Z.E. D.O.E.S. N.O.T. M.A.T.T.E.R. (Men in Black).

Today the financial times shows this is totally true. Harley Davidson is worth more on the New York Stock Exchange then General Motors. US$17,7 bil. Vs US$ 16,2 bil. to be exact. This despite the fact that GM sells over 9.000.000 cars and Harley only 317.289 motorcycles. GM has a turnover that's 38 times as high as Harley Davidson, but is now worth less. Why? Because Harley Davidson makes a profit, it has been doing that for the past 19 years, and increases that profit every year. So size does not really matter, finding a good niche and making a lot of profit from it can be much more rewarding. And I've always said the internet is a world of niches.


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