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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ideabroker 2nd event sold out!

Yo all y'r innovative people, today we're gonna hit Springtime! with 6 cool entrepreneurs just sizzling to pop their ideas to the crowd and to our cool and collected IDBRKR Panel led by our Chairman Eminence: mr Boris (Preople me) Veldhuijzen van Zanten... Cell space, water and bread are graciously hosted and introduced: by mr Cellspace himself: mr Bob (Connect me) Stumpel. Enjoy!

Very informative presentations will be held by our distinguished guests: mr Doeko (Solve me) Bosscher of Solv Attorneys, mr Brian (File me) Hoolahan of File-Reg and mr Jan Karel (Idea me) Kleijn of Ideabroker.

Line up 555 sessions:

Uphill Battle-Flying bookmarks
Peter Kaptein- W2WS
Cross Content-Hybrid Media Player
Edgar Neo-Lotsov

Your IDBRKR panel for the evening: mr Brian Hoolahan-File Reg, mr Doeko Bosscher- Solv, mr Maurice Beckand Verwee-Novem Int, mr Bob Stumpel-Cellspace, mr Hans Veldhuizen-Indictis Ventures and mr Jan Karel Kleijn-Youi and is chaired by the honorable mr Boris Veldhuizen van Zanten-Preople.

Ideabroker is sponsored by: Cellspace, Result, Bomega, Youi, Fisq, Syntens, Nextstage, Solv, File Reg, Lunatech Research, Trichis, Red Urban, LVT Benelux PR, PmP, OpenBC , Slogo, Food and Friends, HVA, Junker, Preople and Emerce.

Your Ideabrokers are: mr Jan Karel Kleijn, mr Bob Stumpel, mr Bram Alkema, mr Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and the lovely ms Antoinette Hoes.


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