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Friday, March 18, 2005

Ideabroker Thanx

Dear ideamakers, moneymakers, businessmakers and supporters: Ideabroker likes to thank you ALL for Y'r presence, Y'r presentations, Y'r help & Y'r commitment at yesterday's event.! YOU made the 2nd Ideabroker event an absolut succes! +50 people, great ideas and presentations , good discussions and stimulating comments , advice and tips and even direct help made this a great evening!

Xtra Special Thanx goes to:
Doeko@SOLV for y’r legal support& presentation and Brian @ File-Reg for Y'r presentation & the great File-Reg vouchers! Bob@Cellspace for the cool location @ Cellspace HQ , the hospitality and the genereous food & drink! Boedoe, Cross Content, Lotsov Foundation, Flying Bookmarks & Peter Kaptein for your great ideas, inspiring 555 presentations and Y'r guts! Keep up the good work!

Boris@Preople for his cool and collected & just in time Ideabroker panel Chairmanship! Boris, Maurice@Novem Int, Hans@Indictis, Bob & Thijs@salesexpert for the great & improvised 555 Jury, all done with great dignity, honesty ;-) commitment and great and helpfull remarks and comments accros the board. Bram@Fisq for Y'r support , friendship, beamer , Voipster accounts! and the hands-on help and assistance & Antoinette@Syntens for behind the scene's support ( support your local ideabroker), get well soon!

HVA Students: Sjoerd, Roland & Leon for your improvised hands on help and ideabroker study project! Adriaan@cellspace and Minne@cellspace for the warm and cool support & Bertje@De Houten Kop for the delicious catering!

Invited and uninvited guests for being there and Y'r input& All those that missed it due to traffic or other reasons for at least trying! DDMA board for sportmanship and on time departure ;-)! All our Sponsors for your support& Lunatech for last time..Press for again not being there...Hey we’ll make it anyhow! Digikring board for being there & those we forgot, for not telling us..

See you all next time in May: Ideabroker@Sogyo in Bilthoven (Utrecht) Date and time TBA! Spread the word: There’s a new kid on the block: he’s screaming loud, kicking hard and growing fast: IDEABROKER! Wanna Join ? Tell us why at:


  • sorry to have missed it due to a prior engagement. i heard through the grapevine it was a great event. i'll due my utmost to make the next one if i'm still on the invite list!

    By Blogger rotterdammit, at 4:25 pm  

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