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Monday, March 14, 2005

Bullshit Bingo

Why do vendors force their valued customers time and time again to remember their internal used product codes as a product description? A Philips DVD for instance: DVDR520H/00 (HD 80 GB FSS Favorite Show Selection and CSS Smart Chaptering) What the heck?? Why not call this a Philips Relook Blue? Granny can remember you want a Relook Blue for Christmas, but a DVDR520H/00? No way! The problem is not new. A standard for extension cards for laptops, called PCMCIA, was spoofed as "people can't memorize computer industry acronyms" when it launched.... Hey take an example from Sven and Mortson at Ikea.. Ditch a couple of productmanagers and hire a Creative/ Writer/ Philosopher / Foreigner WFA (Waiting for asylum) or anybody with a nice vocabulary instead, to rename all those ridiculous numbered products! Saves time and money plus you can ditch those bullshit bingo sales guys in the shop too. Can somebody please write a program that comes up with scores of cool product names for manufacturers? Thanx!


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