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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cool window shopping

Modern urban experience is built on window shopping. But window displays are brighthy lit, temporary graveyards of immovable goods without interactivity. The Interactive window offers a difference. It invites window shoppers to interact with a virtual person in the window by mobile phone. A projection of a model in real lifesize. Hundreds of video sequences are used to make the model appear alive. If a viewer passes a movement sensor, a video sequence is played getting the viewers' attention by using voice sound, gestures or signs and he or she is encouraged to interact via mobile phone. The virtual model is answering and asking viewers what they would like to see. Options may be: "press 1 for music, press 2 for clothes etc. Combining video content with direct interaction via mobile devices in public can also be applied to outside marketing contexts in artistic exhibitons, entertainment or information services! Done by new kids on the block:


  • interesting. i guess the next step would be stratigically placed 3D human holograms (at bus stops, shopping malls, etc) that would perform all sorts of entertainment in order to catch the attention of a potential customer. i.e. a beautiful woman strips off to reveal a new range of sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

    By Blogger Don Matterhorn, at 2:08 pm  

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