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Friday, April 15, 2005

Bèta students

Are there too little good bèta students and engineers in The Netherlands, or not? This article shows that it's doubtful. On the one hand, everybody complains. On the other hand... The pay sucks and hasn't gone up.

Technical innovation is done by good bèta's. However, maybe we have enough bèta's, just not enough excellent ones... So maybe the problem lies in the type of students, not the numbers. Just my two cents.


  • Or maybe there are other innovations than technological. We can innovate in trading, we can innovate in delivering a solution. Look for example at the Spanish Zara stores. They innovated enough to compete with Asian suppliers. This is not based on technologicy, but on craftwork. In NL the focus of innovation is quite nerrow, but there is more to it than technology.

    We have quite a few outstanding engineers in Philips for example, but they did not manage to provide the customers with an appropriate solution, and therefore failed.

    By Blogger Jochem Donkers, at 8:15 pm  

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