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Monday, March 14, 2005

Starving game developers

If you're a game developer in Silicon Valley the thing to do is: max out your Creditcards, sell your home or second mortgage it, and move in with the other members of your team in one apartment living on a dollar a day! "There were four of us working out of my condo at the time," one game developer said. "Two desks in the kitchen, and two in the living room." Why? "One of the main reasons is because creative control," said another. "I don't like working for other people.... I'm not interested in working as a small part of a huge game, and having no control over it." It's about creativity and vision. Now that's determination! They're not stupid though, gaming is already bigger than the movie industry with a gross turnover of 25 Billion and growing fast! A lot is to be made for those developers if they can land their game with a big player like Sony, EA games etc. Innovation climate? Missed a innovation voucher? Heck, stop nagging and Just do it! Look where it got that small company....


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