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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Innovation platform

Today again a lot of articles and discussion about the innovation platform. SER chairman, and member, Herman Wijffels suggested stopping it all together. Philips says we need to act and the general conclusion is that the ONE MILLION EUROS spend every year is money down the drain. My suggestion to the government and the platform: stop trying to DIY. Just come and listen to the people in the field. Minister Brinkhorst gives speeches at innovation meetings, then leaves when others are planning to speak. And so on... Come to an ideabroker meeting, come to an IPAN meeting, come to an I-Portal meeting. Just... listen.

Update: Today the prime minister responded that he was sick and tired of the negative comments on his platform, and that it was useful and did a lot of good things. The two key issues: the knowledge workers immigration and the innovation vouchers. (15 march deadline for the next batch) But it was more a mentality thing and that would take a lot of time. He's right about the last thing, it's a mentality thing, and that won't change with him as pm.


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