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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Relaxation-deficit/hyperambition disorder

Hello, my name is Boris and I'm a workaholic.

This morning I was planning on relaxing a bit. But at 9:05 I got nervous and jumped on my bike to get to the office for just a few hours of work. Then I realized there is a global conspiracy to keep me addicted to work. They are after me, I'm sure! Why else develop the Blackberry? Now I'm hooked. I can't live without it. When I'm talking to someone and I hear the soft 'bleep bleep' in my pocket I slowly start to panic. My hands start sweating, my head is spinning, I see black spots and I just have to see what message I got. My girlfriend asks me to come to bed around 12 at night and I answer 'yeah sure, just let me finish this one thing. It will only be a few minutes, I swear'. It's pathetic! I imagine myself in 10 years. Waering an old suit, standing in front of the supermarket saying 'can you spare some change, I'm hungry' and people saying' yeah sure, you ain't hungry, you want to invest!'. And I'll go 'No I swear, I'll just buy a sandwich'. And then, when I got a few euro's I'll run of to one of those networking events and give my money to the first Entrepreneur who hands me a sweat deal and I'll be happy for a few minutes. But then I have to go off and find me a new fix. Another fresh meeting, maybe do a little deal somewhere, finish just one last tiny website.

Hello, my name is Boris and I'm a workaholic.

I could quit. Any day! I wouldn't have a problem with quiting. Just like all my friends. We say to each other 'I just need this one deal, then I'm done'. Yeah right, and then? Sit back and relax? No, let's face it, we all have RDHD (Relaxation-deficit/hyperambition disorder) and I think it' a conspiracy. They make my tools too beautiful and easy to use. My broadband connection is too fast. My Apple Cinema Display is too big and bright. My Blackberry is too connected and being an entrepreneur it just too rewarding at this moment. But I'm going to stop. I'm going cold turkey. I'm going to throw away my Blackberry, Powerbook and Cinema Display and just relax. Right after my next big deal. I promise...

Hello, my name is Boris and I'm a workaholic, can you spare some change?


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