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Friday, April 29, 2005

Cool Business School

It's a movement. People connected by passion for business knowledge, theories, startups, management, visions, perceptions, paradigms!
It has no location but travels the country. Europe. The world?
We can all be teachers, lecturers, professors, students.

You like?


  • Seems like one hell of an idea! I really like it - it's modern, it's "open source", it's just fabulous for the purpose!

    I'd love to talk about how design can create innovation - IMO a very cool topic! ;-)

    By Anonymous Jacob Bøtter, at 5:22 pm  

  • This could be a very interesting idea to establish a non conventional knowledge sharing community. Not as dull as existing education institutes and though providing a knowledge warranty in different subjects. The whole concept needs a sound business model, community building and structuring ...

    By Anonymous Daan Assen, at 8:15 pm  

  • My vision is to build it the "good to great"-way, as examplified on
    So instead of writing a road map (business plan) get the right people "on the bus" and then think of the best way to move towards the realisation of the concept.

    By Blogger Annedien Hoen, at 3:11 pm  

  • One of the who's could be Han Gerrtis. One of the few that connected an Academic carreer with an enterpreneurial one.

    By Blogger Bas van de Haterd, at 10:57 am  

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