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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Teleportation, antigravity and 'lifters'

I did some research last week for a new story I am working on and found some pages you might like. If you are into this stuff, it will give you nothing new, if not, it will tickle your mind.
Apparently people at IBM are having some fun with concepts on quantum teleportation. Also see "a fun talk on..". It gives you some info on the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect, if you like to impress your neighbors. Practival implementations for the short term: high speed data transfer.
If you ever wondered how we could get rid of those blasted helicopter rotors and noisy hovercrafts, see some videos on lifters. You only need 30.000 volts and 250 milliwats (a light weight power drill does 500 Watts by comparison) to get a small one going up. There are instructions to build a home-model yourself. No moving parts. Beware when you have dry hair, since a lot of static energy will build up, I imagine. Play the video!
Antigravity? Not exactly. "Casting a shadow in the gravity field" may be more accurate. See the Wired-article on the Podkletnov device. And a "heya to all" photo from Nasa Labs working on the same principles (and no: it is not a turn table they hold up in the photo).
To make it ever stranger, see some video footage on the Hutchison device where water and paint is "falling upwards". Good old Tesla is still alive and kicking apparently, since the whole effect is caused by some Tesla Coils put together on different frequencies. A small drawback on the H-device: it affects the surrounding area and "melts metal at room temperature..."


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