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Friday, February 04, 2005

DIY galore!

Make your own 'Reactive Robot' with this robot kit. Not the robot with the most features… but: from Kevin Warwicks R&D team (remember… the guy that had a microchip implanted in his own arm?!) & for the kids the same with Lego! Emachineshop lets people design 3-D objects like car parts and door knobs in metal or plastic, checks whether a design can be made, tells the customer how much it will cost & lets you order them online. Download the free software, draw your part, and click to order. DIY fingerprint main door lockset for homeowners and businesses that desire added security and convenience at the touch of a finger. Semi-prof DIY games?For all aficionados of lower bass frequencies: build your own subwoofer. Luxury animal with a love of the outdoors? Design your own deck wíth hotspring Spa! Build an electrically powered 4-wheel buggy (with bicycle wheels) for your children. DIY last will & testament maker software (UK laws…) All grazed from the digital meadows by Antoinette Hoes!


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