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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Demo conference

Demo is THE Innovation conference in the US for new tech. With an all star cast of Jurors including Marc Andreessen (Netscape founder),Brin & Page (aka The Google Boyz), and Mike Ramsay (founder of Tivo) and a lot of heavyweight investors present, you know the 75 Demonstrators are gonna be grilled to the max in those 6 minutes they've got for their no .ppt Elevator pitches!
Day 1 had MDA with their Instant Scene Modeler ISM, a stereo camera to create realistic three-dimensional models of people, places and things by stitching together hundreds of photographs into a single 3-D model in seconds! Then there was VKB's virtual keyboard. It gives handheld computer users access to a laser projected QWERTY keyboard that can be set up on any flat surface. Cool! There was Motorola's iRadio service and Mediabolic's new network media player who gives TV viewers access to a range of custom-designed web-based applications.
Day 2 saw Novint Technologies' Falcon, a sort of joystick on steroids and Pluck who brings together RSS feeds, web publishing and more in a single web-based app. source Wired


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