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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nextgen social networking

Imeem is a promising new distributed social networking app, combining IM, P2P, filesharing, weblogging and more. It also offers realtime online networking like Wired Reach. Founders come from companies like TiVo and Napster. Imeem is still in beta and by invitation-only; testing is done on several US universities,m not live yet, and allready hot and hyped! There's a lively trade in invitations, just like the trade for those Gmail accounts back in 2004.
Folksonomy is a neologism for collaborative categorization using freely chosen keywords. This feature began appearing in social software in 2004. Some examples of online folksonomies being social bookmarking sites like and Jots and my own personal favorite StumbleUpon , fastgrowing Flickr, for photo sharing, 43 Things (secretly funded by Amazon) for goal sharing, and Tagsurf for tag-based discussions. source Wilco Verdoold.


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