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Monday, February 28, 2005


The Dutch government has decided that spouses (wives) of foreign knowledge workers? (Why only knowledge workers?) don't need a special permit to work here. In other words: if we want to "import" someone from abroad because of his or her special knowledge (mainly ICT specialists, scientific researchers and special technological wizzkids), their "better half" is allowed to work here too, no matter what his/her skills are. The first step to a more open innovative culture. Let's hope they all married extremely bright and intelligent women with great ideas to match!


  • Most knowledge workers are women, by the way, that are coming into NL, highly educated...and their spouses (the ones they are married to) are guys who also want to work. So NL had to make a special dispensation for these guys. They are men, of course.

    NL does not have a pool of highly educated women or knowledge workers. The fear of making mistakes, "Doe maar gewoon" and this attitude of women here that they have a "right" to a special role just because they have children keeps NL behind in the Knowledge Society that is growing in the world.

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