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Friday, February 04, 2005

Goodbye Pda, hello Smartphone

Sales of Pda's are rapidly falling in favour of the "smart" phones (what's in a name..) They got mobile versions of Windows/Office/Outlook onboard or similar apps on OS's like Symbian, they have run MP3'players, Route guide's and a slew of mobile games. Even Napster is developing a mobile version. Next up will be phones who can run PSP Games, have mobile TV, Local content and connect thru the cheapest available connection :Wifi/Wimax/GSM/Voip or even newer protocols. I wonder if we'll get a Mac smart phone soon? The iCall with a display for $249 and the reCall for $99 also known as the iCall shuffle (that's the one without the display, so you never know who you gonna call...) Life is smart, Life is random!


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