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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ideabroker news

Yesterday the founders of Ideabroker "JK & The B's": B, B and B met in the real world to discuss the future. What i can tell y'all now is that it looks damn promising.....But if it turns out not to be.... heck with such a name? We'll start a band!
We'll open up Ideamaker asap, a place where you can share those o so secret ideas to get other opinions, input, help and critics. This place will be highly guarded, requires you to sign an NDA and therefore is safe as can be. In the meantime, check out this site where you can register all those cool ideas on your Harddisk for 15 euro a year! In English, German and Dutch, and for now only Windows is supported..... but OS X will follow soon.....right! Too expensive for ya? Well are you sure it's a good idea then?... If so and you're really strapped for cash, just send your idea including a stamped return envelope to your nearest tax office. They'll simply date more. Hey, at least they do something in return for all y'r money......
What also works for me, time and time again is just sending off a press release to various parties and create some rumour around the idea...who's gonna claim your idea after that eh?
Happy Creations!


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