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Thursday, December 23, 2004


A great article about Firefox and security compared against Microsoft. Seems to me Open Source is the way to go, heck even Japanese Telco NTT DoCoMo announced three of it's newest phone's will run on Linux and invested 3 mil in U.S. Linux vendor MontaVista . Palm will also make a Linux port for their platform. With the smartphones we'll see a whole slew of viruses coming up. There's even a virusscanner for mobiles now. Talking mobile: Open Source vendor Linspire made the first under $500 laptop possible. It's no beauty but hey it's a laptop and it's dirt cheap.


  • Actually Microsoft Windows Server vs Linux is a bit in a tug of marketing war. Maybe we should help Microsoft out in their struggle to win an uphill battle ;)

    Microsoft actually states that it has *LESS* security issues that Linux. Great bedside reading material if you like Harry Potter and I Robot. For a nice battlereport from Nicholas Petreley read

    This is how Microsoft counts casualties of war...

    Microsoft often ranks a security flaw as Critical for all Windows operating systems except Windows Server 2003, in which case it is ranked at the lower value, Important. The reason given for this difference is that Windows Server 2003 has different default [installation] settings than other versions of Windows. Here is Microsoft's own description of the different settings:

    Security level for the Internet zone is set to High. This setting disables scripts, ActiveX controls, Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM), HTML content, and file downloads.

    [...]it is nearly inconceivable that anyone who uses Windows Server 2003 will leave the settings described in the first item unchanged. These settings make the Internet Explorer browser nearly useless to the server administrator who wants to perform any browser-based administrative tasks, download updates, etc. To lower the severity rank based on the assumption that Windows Server 2003 users will leave these default settings as they are is a fantasy, at best.

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