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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Technology versus Happiness

Lenghty but very interesting article about happiness versus technology: Give your customer options but not too much or it backfires on you, the Amish are the happiest in the US, and this is a nice quote to remember before developing our brilliant ideas: "Considering how many decisions about new technologies are based on little or no concrete evidence and involve guessing about the future, it seems plausible that people can get stuck with technologies that don’t make them happy but that are hard to get rid of..." Now there's a good one: without visonary thinking there's no innovation , but who knows now, how it will work out in the future? See gunpowder, atomic fusion.... Gotta love the challenge.


  • Nice article! Funny how it is dated January 2005 ;)
    Also have a look at:
    They Encouraging Serendipity!

    By Blogger Jake Blok, at 9:01 am  

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