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Monday, December 27, 2004

SMS to donate.

The Chinese alone send 195 Billion SMS messages this year and counting! A staggering amount if you think that it boils down to just 2 messages a day per person. The European and US ratio must be at least double that amount per day.

That made me wonder....What if we just had a global SMS relief number accessible locally? People could send as much SMS messages as they like to the SMS donation number: all revenue excluding actual costs for the provider, would go directly to the designated global or national disaster like the one in South-East Asia now. Everybody with a cellphone can afford at least one SMS message. It's fast, easy, cheap and you feel that at least you did something about it. However tiny your part, you helped! Period.

Update: donates the idea to the world and tries to let it be picked up by a global consortium of Telecom providers, in conjunction with major relief organizations like the Red Cross, the U.N and governments alike. We would however appreciate to be mentioned as authors of the idea.

Ideabroker has send a press release to all worldwide news desks, parties and governments involved this morning, in order to get the idea executed quickly. If you know persons in key roles in relevant organizations who could help build the initiative please let us know or forward our press release which will be up here shortly. We thank you for your cooperation!


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