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Monday, December 20, 2004

The romantic Entrepeneur.

The romantic entrepeneur is innovator, organiser, stimulator, fundraiser, manager, marketeer, financial wizz, CEO and visionair all in one.

We believe this is an outdated view on entrepeneurship.
Popquiz: How many firestarters do you know with all those skills combined on a professional level? Our point exactly..

We see lots of young bright developers, researchers and creative minds struggeling to become something there not, nor ever will be: that classical entrepeneur. They are however, brilliant in their field with great ideas to match it. What they need is a team of seasoned entrepeneurs, managers, deep pockets and other professionals to make up that classical entrepeneur together.

"Dutch business needs fiscal and subsidy stimulation of cooperation between banks, VC's, participation. And it needs monitored regional markets with open information on new ventures, intermediates, banks, VC's, pm's and virgin angels." A study of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands 2004.

Supply of entrepreneurial capital whether it be bankloans, grants, informal participation, or tax cuts are all still tailored to meet the wrong end of innovation. The Law and many government policies are based on a outdated, omniscient renaissance entrepreneurial stereotype.

Ideabroker wants to rebuild the current vision on entrepeneurship, starting small by actually doing things, like mix and match skills, or provide actual funds for cool ideas....and more to come. We'll keep you posted.


  • True innovation is always a combination of talents. However, since a specialist is never a specialist in more then a few (if at all more then one) area, it needs to be the right combination of people. The sad thing is, people tend to seek out "their own kind". A good IT wizz kid seeks out other IT wizz kids, not marketeers or entrepeneurs. And that is a shame. That is why we need more multi diciplinary projects at uni's and colleges so people meet and interact with other kind of people.

    It all starts with coöperation between different "species" of men. That's what needs to be stimulated. Let's go from there.

    By Blogger Bas van de Haterd, at 3:38 pm  

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