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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


We're just back and still recuperating from Stockholm where we attended SIME 05 one of the very best 2 day conferences on new media I've ever attended. With brilliant performances of speakers like; Mahesh Murthy who helped launch Yahoo, Amazon and MSN, Andrew McLauglin CPO of Google, Nirav Tolia who founded and sold, Lars Hinrichs CEO of openBC and Ola Ahlvarsson CEO of Result, Letsbuyit an who together with the SIME team was our host for the congress and also for the fabulous social program afterwards (Superthanks to Ola& SIME team!!!), a range of more superb content, panels and speakers plus the launch of Fon a wifi revolution by twice billion dollar exit entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky who invented callback numbers in America and launched Jazztell and in Spain.
Man those Swedes have got it all: A great New Media conference, a beautifull country with the beautifull city of Stockholm on 24.000 Islands, filled to the rim with great people, beautifull women, the finest restaurants, clubs and bars, and a innovation climate you just can't beat...Hey they even got the Internet bubble again! We've met, ate and partied for four days straight, with some of the nicest and smartest people in the internet business from all around the globe and whilst there, we got so inspired that we successfully pitched our very own Ideabroker to the above crowd....This means that we will soon roll the format out into the world! Yeah! We've already got Ideabrokers lined up in Europe, the middle East, East Asia and the all you Aussies, South Americans and other interested innovation lovers .....Sign up now at to adopt the format into your part of the world. We'll gonna organize a global Ideabroker event once a year somewhere! Innovation and great ideas is what get this world going! There's lots to be done, new businesses to start, new friends to be made and great fun to be had! Just do it!

Thanx to all of you for having us at SIME 05 : all you great people at SIME, Result,, Letsbuyit, Netlog, Priskrig, Tradedoubler, and all of the other companies i'm forgetting now.
Special thanks too Ola "Mr superhost" Ahlvarsson , Beata Wickborn, Christopher, Dev, Jens, Jack, Jessica , Josephine, Annette& Caroline, Sixto, Marian, Anju, Sania, Abdallah, Lars,Yann, Martin, John, Nic, Mahesh, Urban, Thomas, Thomas Crampton, Johan, Andrew, Kalle, Erik, Sander, Bob, Hennie, Edwin, Ulf (of base), Darko, Caroline and all you other Fab people I've met! Until next Year at SIME 06!!


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