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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lovely new Country

Lovely (working title) a new country filled with 35000 inhabitants is a great initiative of British comedian Steve Wallace & "good ol" BBC . A TV show and website filled with news, info and all the fantastic departments like:
Dept. of being King
Dept. of actually running things
Dept. of our territory and defending it
Dept. of looking and sounding nice
Dept. of getting along with others
Dept. of the people who run this place
Dept. of being a good citizen
Dept. of keeping things right
Dept. of what others think
The fair Dept. of the I.O.U.
Dept. of message boards and of course its own economy with the " IOU" as money
Check it out and become a citizen see ya there:

Yours truly,
The Minister of NetworKing
Dept. of getting along with others.


  • Most excellent! Can I be Department of What The F*ck?

    Dave Beckwith

    By Blogger anonyMoses, at 12:30 am  

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