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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ideabroker at Marketing3 29th, 30th &31th of November

Ideabroker will present 6 pitches this month at Marketing3 on the VIP Night the 29th & on both days; the 30th & 31th of November all at Mediaplaza Utrecht. Pitchers will be present at the VIP night and in our very own ubercool Ideabroker Lounge during the two day event. Check us out at both those venues! All previous pitchers from any of our events that we hosted this year are hereby cordially invited to attend and or pitch during the day program!! Give us a call on +31654760146 or mail and we'll provide a ticket for you, to this not to be missed event! Wanna pitch? We still got one or two openings available! Send your info a.s.a.p. to . Hope to see you all there!


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