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Friday, July 15, 2005

UnPimp My Ride

I just had coffee with Bram Alkema and we suddenly realized what the future of automobiles is going to look like. It's wikll be the era of UnPimping. Think about it: right now everybody wants his or her car to look like something you keep in a closet, behind glass and never touch because then you would have fingerprints on it. This is weird for a machine that you keep outside and drive arround with and which get's dirty no matter what you do. Cars shouldn't be shiny! Cars should be firm, lasting and durable. So this is what is going to happen: within a few years we will start seeing beautifull cars that have super strong and durable car paint that isn't shiny and which you can hardly scratch. And here's the best part: if you scratch it, it wil look good! You will say to people "I hit this structure so hard it actually scratched my paint!" and that will be cool. The bumpers won't be painted plastic but big Blob like rubber structures. Kind of like the taxis in New York but then good looking. You will go to a bar and brag about a new dent in the front of your car from a tree you hit while parking. The future isn't shiny, it's UnPimped...


  • Hey Guys, nice to see an idea resurface 13 years later: this was one of my final exam projects in 1992 at the Rietveld Academy. I painted a Citroen 2CV with: "weary" a laquer concept that is reversed i.e: the hardest protective and thus thoughest layer is on the inside, on top of that you'll have a couple of colored layers like a chewing gumball.. any wear and tear will show up in beautifull vivid colors on your cars.. unlike any existing paint scheme's for cars now.. Was originaly supposed to be marketed by Akzo Paints but it never went into production, sadly.. Heck maybe it's time to remarket the whole idea now???

    By Blogger Jan Karel, at 4:53 pm  

  • I think so! including my rubber blob bumpers. have yu ever seen the french taxi lookalike in museum utrecht by a dutch artist?

    By Blogger Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, at 8:17 am  

  • I just unpimped my newly bought 2 days old 700 euro bicycle with black paint and a brown mud/rust-like colored airbrush to actually devaluate the bicycle in the eyes of a bicycle stealing junky. To me it still rides like a 700 euro bicycle however.

    By Anonymous karel de v, at 11:42 pm  

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