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Monday, July 04, 2005

Help wanted: taking Ideabroker to the next level!

At the previous Ideabroker meeting in the WTC, Rotterdam, I realized how much effort 'them Ideabroker peeps' (JK most visibly) invest into organizing things, stimulating innovation, gathering people, keeping the juices flowing, helping and connecting.
As an identity designer I felt the urge to be giving back some of that good ol' energy,most logically in the form of a logo design and while I was at it, I also designed a new look and feel for the weblog. (And some business cards ;-)

Anyone outthere who also likes to help and would be willing to tweak the code of this weblog and help integrate the new design into the exisiting weblog?


  • Great initative of Annedien! Thank you very much for your beatifull and fresh corporate image and logo!!!!
    Annedien understands the true value of networkings first commendment: Share & Give!.............With a little help from our friends! without it, where would we be?

    Anyone out there wants to join in and help us redo the site with Annediens great corporate image? Come on, folks i can't do that sort of thing..

    By Blogger Jan Karel, at 12:03 pm  

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