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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Idea for banks

As Jan Karel stated on the last Ideabroker event in Rotterdam, Ideabroker is meant to share ideas. Specially the ones you are not planning to use yourself or not capable of implementing yourself anyway. So here is one I would love to see, simply because I'm getting a little sick of it.

It has to do with customer friendly banking (I know, I won't hold my breath). But I recently got my new credit card. And it now has a.... PIN number. Yet another PIN number... This means I cannot pay with my signature anymore and I will have to remember this number, yet another one. Now I don't know if this has changed, but last time I tried it was impossible to change the PIN of a credit card, so I can use one code for more cards. So now for my idea, that I would love the banks to introduce. An all in one card. My PIN (normal bank card) just gets the 12 or 16 numbers on the front so I can make internet payments, and it's all done. No more different credit and bank card, no more different PIN numbers, just one customer friendly card.

So there it is, now let's hope we have people from the financial sector reading this blog.


  • OK, it's not an invention, more like a wish. I have anotherone: a solution to do something about all the passwords you have to remember at different sites. Some you have to change each month. You can only use a certain combination, has to be a minimum of x-characters, etc, etc.
    Why not use something like your social security number with another unique code... Perhaps webcertificate can be generated that is given to all sites that comply.

    A final note on the credit card pin: my Visa sent me a letter two weeks before releasing my new card. I could visit a website to enter my own favourite PIN. Two weeks later my new credit card was sent to me with the chosen PIN. Not as smooth but it will do...

    By Blogger Arno, at 7:54 am  

  • Well, then Visa is a lot better then Mastercard (ABN AMRO). SInce they just send me a PIN, that I can hardly read, and cannot change.

    The reason I found that out was because yesterday my normal bank card got swallowed, because the ATM had a bug. Now I have a new task ahead of me... sruviving almost a week without a bank card...

    By Blogger Bas van de Haterd, at 2:03 pm  

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