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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ideabroker's 4th Event in Breda

Deep down south is the land of fairytales and breadcrumb trails that'll lead you occasionally to.... Ideabroker! Hosted by Syntens this time, (thanx Jeroen van Ieperen !) and organized by our very own Bas van de Haterd (thanx dude!) we had a blast! 25 People attending and 6 brave young souls with inspiring ideas presented their case. A surprising mix of very different ideas passed the stage. But before the pitches we had an inspiring presentation about entrepreneurship and networking from Prof Wim Hulsink of the Erasmus and Wageningen University who's ending statement: "the endless Sea" you'll find below. Needless to say we had winners and runners up , there are no losers at Ideabroker's: If you got the courage to present your idea in front of those hungry Elfs and Trolls that made up this time's jury, men you've got balls! Kudos to all! The Saints took our first price: a (hand-nicked by Bas) precious bottle of red from the cellars of Dad van de Haterd (thanx Dad) plus a 2year subscription to OpenBC (thanx Bob!) with their mobile game presentation, second prize was taken by Usersown with their route related dinner service optimization tool "Uplan", a shared third place by album printing and Innergy's Creation's the Bizz Buzz-a lowcost narrow casting employment initiative. Runners up where Gamepoints with their concept for a new in-shop game platform at your local snackbar, and Eyegate with their LCD in shop advertising solution for small businesses. It was sooo good this time, that even long after Syntens closed the doors at 22h, half the crowd lingered on, in heated and/or inspired discussions on the doorstep, without anything to drink!!!
Next up: Ideabroker Rotterdam tomorrow Thu 23th june @ OpenBC's euromeet hosted by The Rotterdam Connection 20h at WTC Digital Port. Just follow the crumbs...


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