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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Creating the ultimate GUI in Flash

I need help.
I have developed a ready-to-use GUI-Engine in Flash (click "Download" to see a 'codeless' demo). Think along the same lines as: "Macromedia's Flex" and "Backbase".
Now I need some kind of fire-start to lift it to the next level.
Look here for a site-example

What do I need?
Contacts, companies willing to implement this technology for their clients, Flash-programmers eager to participate, money to fund development.

The potential of this engine is huge in my opinion.
The engine is meant as a low-cost solution. It will give "Flash to the people". It makes Flash (via i.e. ScreenWeaver) a serious option for creating nice looking GUI's for desktop-applications.

Contact me if you can be of some help


  • I would most definately be willing to help out with this project! Looks like you have done some great work. I have downloaded the demo and will post/email you with what I come up with on my site...not sure if I was suppose to email, so I will try there and also leave this comment.


    By Blogger Jason, at 8:46 pm  

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