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Friday, January 28, 2005

Business from fun

I always liked the strategy of starting something you like yourself, and eventually it becomes a business. Hattrick (currently 8 employees ) started this way. A couple of soccer minded people started a soccer fantasy game almost 8 years ago. They treat their users like they would want to be treated themselves. To keep the community alive and involve people in the community, they give users the tools to build certain things.

Yesterday they reached the 500.000 users mark ,all of them are "hard core"users ,many paying customers.. .72 countries in the world are smaller than hattrick is right now!

All because the Hattrick founders wanted to have a cool soccer game to play.
For some plans, a few thousand euro's, a good idea and a lot of motivation and hard work is all it takes to start a succesfull company.


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