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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ideabroker on author rights

We did some thinking on the ownership thing. The answer is in the Creative Commons button. This is the type of Creative Commons license we chose for every idea posted here. Every blog entrance opens to it's own website. So it's public under the intention to be materialized. It's however time stamped and protected under Creative Commons. Breach of Commons can be legally prosecuted by the community. That will hold up in court. It will not need anybody to sign a NDA.

Since a posted business idea is open, everybody can shoot at it or contribute. Maybe it has been done before...Maybe it can be proven not to work...Maybe the domain needs registration...A better name...Whatever...Well let's say the idea may need improvement. That's why it's on ideabroker. To benefit from the community. Or to get those dust-gathering, shelf-lying ideas picked up by someone.

The ultimate deliverable has to be an executive summary of a business plan. The upgraded business idea stays under Creative Commons (maybe we should grant a special license to the initiator). Anybody that re-uses (or steals) the idea has to keep it under the same Creative Commons. We're currently working with our lawyers on a more specialized rights document.

If you want, you can always protect your ideas before posting them here, by sending them to your local tax office for time stamping, or register them on your own computer for just 19 Euro at File-reg, a great new service!


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    By Blogger Annedien Hoen, at 10:45 am  

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    By Blogger Bram, at 12:04 am  

  • Erm... a lawsuit (not "sew", darn spellchecker) is maybe not the best of ideas ;) Point remains that a lot is to be gained of making this a public (maybe media) issue.

    By Blogger Bram, at 1:02 pm  

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    By Blogger Jan Karel, at 1:02 pm  

  • Can you sew? The answer is slightly more subtle and complex then a simple yes or no, I think.
    Yes! In essence. Questions remain however how this form of copy right applies to businessideas as creative work. It's never tried before, to my knowledge. In this ideabroker is the first. You will probably go down in history as the first person that actually had such an idea protected by this form of public domain copyright law. That is a good thing. It allows people to post without having to worry about being cheated upon by freeloaders.
    Yet another aspect is that ideabroker is "publishing" your idea could be very well be the plaintif, not you. When that idea was posted a special non-com-use licence was given to the public at large. Non commercial. So NO if Boris publishes mysterymailer under the same CC licence. If he wants to use it commercially he needs another licence (probably from ideabroker and we should promise we get it) from you.
    NO! in principle. The ruling principle of ideabroker is about execution of businessideas. Probably more then guarding property rights. In my humble opinion Boris could give you credit (or shares) based on your cc contribution. If that's the case ideabroker will step aside. Yet another world premiere! I hope you can go settle this between the two of you. Until Ideabroker has taken this legal mumbo jumbo another level.

    By Blogger Jan Karel, at 1:02 pm  

  • Annedien said at10:45: In the Creative Commons license you have placed on this website it says:"Niet-commercieel.De gebruiker mag het werk niet voor commerciële doeleinden gebruiken."

    So if someone were to use an idea posted here for commercial purposes he or she could be prosecuted?

    Unintentionaly deleted comment from Annedien.Sorry! JK

    By Blogger Jan Karel, at 1:09 pm  

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