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Friday, January 07, 2005

MS Acces DBanalyser 2.0 Beta

The situation
One of my clients has this bad coded old Access app. Starting 2005 it needed some major changes -- now! -- that would (for one) result in opening and combing out 317 rapports to change the way the data was retrieved via DLookups.

Microsofts DBanalyser . . . oh wow? . . crash!
Microsoft has been shipping a solution for "office development tools" for Access "to query and scan the entire Access components system with". Apparently somebody at Microsoft started to build it, got tired and never finished it. Scan results do show up on the screen and then the whole thing crashes...
So I thought up a little search and replace prog that does the trick and spent one day to build it. It finds Field properties in reports, text in database-queries and specific lines of VB-code in modules, reports and forms.
There are two search and replace options to do these odd replacements in the code so repetitive work on multiple variations on the same theme is done by just pressing one button. (That's what I like about things like this :-)
It works like a dream. No hassle. Saved a week or six in one morning session of intensive Search & Replace. Client extremely happy and all work done with some time to spare.

Help me out
Anybody interested to lift this search and replace tool for badcoded Access modules up to something marketable? I think we can interest Microsoft for a buyout if successfull :-)
I do not have the time to package it but if you like it : talk to me...


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