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Monday, December 13, 2004

A New Year with lots of New Ideas

2005 will see a new kind of spirit: Ideabroker's new years drink will start a series of small events in different locations, this time hosted by Lunatech & in close cooperation with Ideabroker in cool Rotterdam, that's right folks Rotterdam! A couple of young entrepeneurs with great ideas will be in the limelight for ya'll to cook and grill. Let's have a funpacked event where we can shock, shell, shout and listen to each other whilst bubbeling away. Watch for your secretcode and strictly personal invitation, no guestlists, no VIP tables or preferred seating available. Date and venue TBA.


  • rotterdam is that big city south of amsterdam with a much smaller airport but a much larger harbour. and little or no tourism (which is nice)...

    By Blogger rotterdammit, at 11:37 am  

  • ...and don't forget the adventurous architecture, beautiful reflected in the amazing Rotterdam skyline

    for Google's sake: what am I doing in Amsterdam? ;-)

    By Blogger droombos, at 6:44 pm  

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