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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Email is old economy

A few days ago someone told me that children consider email as a technology from the past. They associate it with parents, homework and official business. It's boring and old fashioned. They see MSN as the modern equivalent of email. Chatting is a much more efficient way to communicate than email, or so they say. Until i heard that, I considered myself an early adopter for doing everything by email. I even own a Blackberry and can be reached better by email than by telephone. But now I feel like a dinosaur. An old guy, still using email! It made me look at our communication technologies in a new way. If you think about it, chat and email aren't that different. Some people even use their email to chat, sending short sentences every 2 minutes. I think someone is working (or should be) on a new communication package. A Universal Internet Communication Center. An application that let's you chat, email, Voip and VideoChat and keeps a nice log of everything you do. Organized on subject or person you would find all your conversations neatly archived. Any conversation would be easy to retrieve and every conversation would find it's optimal technology. You could switch from mail to chat and from chat to voice and back, all in one conversation with one person in one application. Why wait? I'm starting today on this project. I'll call it Digital Telepathy 1.0. You can pre-order it for just $25..


  • You mean Ispq!...without the log BUT within even a rating system for the conversation you have in video- or textmessages with others. Notice: without virtual rating the selfestime of the virtual user's soul would simply increase the amount of virtual psychologists and everyone knows they will do no good to the reliability of any interaction between human beings.

    By Blogger droombos, at 10:13 pm  

  • IMHO succesfull e-replacements of old concepts seem easier to grasp (Porter's adoptioncurve, I guess). Have a look at this 'old-new' pairing. Brochure- website. Letter-Email. Typewriter- Wordprocessor. Direct Mail- SPAM. Phone-VOIP. And ask yourself: Exactly what was MSN replacing? Blogging? RSS?
    Furthermore, all replacements brought their own dynamics. ISPQ is still just combining and replacing old concepts. I think Boris means an integrated seamless conversation whatshemecallit with entirely it's own dynamics, that will replace MSN.
    If so I take a 25% interest in the business.

    By Blogger Bram, at 3:11 pm  

  • Many thing replace others, but ad something as well.

    E-mail replaced the letter, but added something to it. E-mail made "conversations" possible (my first internship I had long e-mail conversations with an other intern at another companyu).

    MSN (or actually ICQ) made conversation natural. So in a way Instant Messengers are a replacement for e-mail.

    Also it replaces part of the phone conversations, at least, in my life it does. And it's easier, you can just walk away or not answer if you're fed up with someone, but hanging up just like that is considered extreemly rude.

    By Blogger Bas van de Haterd, at 12:10 pm  

  • Boris got me thinking. All those app buttons "Send To, BCC, CC, Send, Publish, Reply, Skype, Share Ants, Submit, Leave message, Blog, Comment, Start Fax, Forward" are doing exactly the same thing: publishing my content targeted to a specific audience via specific media. Why must he indeed do all the publish filtering? Boolean spamfilters recommend already what I don't want to read.
    Wishlist for Digital Telepathy 1.1 includes functions that automatically recommend targeted audience, conversions, summarizing, distributions, translations, rewrites, invites. Or just socialize with any audience (f.i. my mom, whom I haven't rung for ages)on my behalf...

    By Blogger Bram, at 5:18 pm  

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