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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Website of the year awards...

I went to IPAN's "Website of the year" awards yesterday... All the usual suspects won:
Google no 1@Search engine category, Marktplaats no 1@Trade category, Schoolbank no 1@Contact category....Heck even KPN won a award!...(for Telecom yes)...yawn.....The only bright light that evening was Richard Lamb. He presented his view on the near future in a great visual and fun packed show. And made some peculiar future statements along the way: a marriage between gaming and business networks for one?....Other buzzwords from Richard for 2005 where: prosumer and transectoral innovation....what the heck? Richard also presented the Awards, since IPAN regulars like Jort Kelder and Michiel Frackers , both couldn't make it, bizzy as they were: one checking boobs and other parts of Georgina in Miami, the other starting a blog publisher . Smart thinking Michiel!


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