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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Young Entrepreneur!

This is the difference between Europe and the US: I got an email of one of my (16.500) contacts in Linkedin this morning: Steve Sammons asking to help out his step-son Erik Mendoza to raise money for a European Basketball tournament he wants to attend: Steve and his wife insisted that he come up with a concept that would require him to provide a product for profit, versus just asking his relatives for a handout. Thus far it has worked very well and Erik is very close to achieving his goal. This is the game called "Rodeo golf"that he invented, and here's a couple of videos to explain it even better. Erik sold 170 of the 200 units he made and now needs to sell the last 30 units of this back-yard-game to hit is target. You can buy one of the last units here . But hurry folks they are now in hot demand! His website is also pretty damn cool and fairly innovative for a fourteen-year-old! Way to go Erik ! Have fun in Europe!