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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ideabroker at Xing Meeting Rotterdam

Ideabroker hosts another Pitch session at the Xing meeting on the 19th of April in Rotterdam.
From 20.00 to 21.00 hrs you can pitch your concepts & idea's in front of a experienced jury, investors and a room full of entrepreneurs.

You get 3 minutes to pitch and no more! Maximum of 8 pitchers so hurry!!

Come prepared, practice your timing and do the mother in law test (if she'll get it, we probably will too) and have your presentation and figures well tought out and researched. End your pitch with what you need from the audience and or the investors. Over 90% of all pitchers forget to do this!!!

Wanna give it a try? Send your pitch in ppt/word or pdf format to us
Register here for the event, updated info you'll find here

If you just want to visit this great fun event and you haven't been invited, email edgar with the subject 'invite plz 19th april'


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