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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Introduction Ideabroker


We strive to hook up with all creative thinkers that want to share and learn about ideas and concepts, methods, execution, businessmodels, news, guiding, mirroring, helping out or teaming up. Find your soulmates here or just comment or sit back, marvel and click. Whatever you fancy. Enjoy!

Our Future
We are firestarters in the genesis of authentic and radical new concepts, methods and ideas. Creating momentum for effective product and business development to find facts, flaws, fellows, and funds would be our essential contribution to a community of practice. Our preferred strategy: providing a platform for building shared vision around new concepts.
Shock, shell, shout and listen are the tools of our trade. Setting new horizons our goal.

Our Present
We are in the startup phase of a new organization that blends our mutual experiences, strong points, facts, opportunities, and investments in a sound and fun packed vision on innovation. Watch us.

Our Past
BA Industrial Design 1992 Rietveld Academy Amsterdam
BA Economics University of Groningen, Netherlands computer aided econometrics and business psychology.


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