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Monday, January 10, 2005

Short Stories

Great for sms / mms / voice etc services: Espresso stories. Text below is © It explores a literary form for today's frothed-up, on-the-hoof, want-it-all-now consumer lifestyle: complete stories that take no longer to read than an espresso takes to slurp. The most basic rule is that they're just a sentence or two, totalling 25 words or less. Less hard-and-fast - but equally vital - are a theme, plot, characters, and narrative development. For more info c Perhaps this provides insights for business / content ideas ... sms blogging ... b-rang cards ... wifi hot spot sessions ... iTunes/stories ... etc ... is Starbucks onto this already? ... If not interesting in this way ... then still a snapshot of today's world ;)


  • I just suggested to them to use Creative Commons and install an RSS feed. Great find.

    By Blogger Bram, at 1:45 pm  

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