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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Nice to have

This is not just about businessideas. It's about me. About what I want. I love Thunderbird. I really do. Spamfilter included ladida.... It's just great. If only Openoffice was so smooth and goodlooking I would switch to Linux KDE with XP skin right away, no dual boot. It's hopefully the last email client I ever use... There you have it. A love ever lasting! At this notion my love Thunderbird (if she could) seems to go all gloomy and can be heard to whisper that she (if she were a she) bets that that's exactly what I said about my ZX, Amiga, Deskview, Word Perfect 5.1. And I did. Come to think of it, I'm just as faithful as the next guy ;). So with that in mind, probably Thunderbird realistically wont last. Alas. Every sound mind knows Digital Telepathy will take over in two years or so. But untill then I will fight for the relationship. So, I have started to make a wish list for a hypothetical hybrid email/digital telepathy client. Maybe Thunderbird 3.0 will still be flexible enough to accomodate. I already decided to use the name "Key Posted" for the in between generation emailclients.

1. I like the concept of subscribing to content. I'd rather have 'me' deciding what is good for 'me'. I don't want you to send any content to me, I will come collect it myself, if you let me. I don't want you to have my emailaddress. Just give me clearance to come and get what I think I need. As I see it it's the difference between blogging and emailing. Countless times I've been included in conversations that are boring (Hey guys, let's carbon copy Bram on this... because it's free). Actually I want Thunderbird/GMail to store all content directed/cleared to me (including inbound email) for me bloggy style. I then will subscribe to the content, maybe. This is definitively not the same thing as a rule or filter in my Thunderbird. It just is not.

2. Aliases (also knows as AKA's) have always been my approach to privacy. Indepence is not my thing, but I very much like to choose my own dependencies. That's freedom for me. Therefore, I am not 'me'. One of me buys porn, one of me writes blogs. That's why I need loads of email addresses and cannot decide what exactly to put on OpenBC. In every certain context I like to be in control what you know or not know. I do not have one live. All my friends know this. Well, that's because. As a colleague I like you to have my mobile, GPS location, sometimes not. Thunderbird does not let me manage identities that easily. And then I very much would like to post in Thunderbird my ripped porn video to ANTS anonymously (which is yet another AKA), untraceable. So that should be solved.

3. I like Thunderbird automatically (depending on context and alias) turning my opened emailmessage (or anything I subscribed to) into an instant chatclient if the sender/poster is still online (and willing/able to chat). (Same thing I like an option to leave a voicemail whether you are 'online' on your mobile or not).

....And so on.
Next key post will have more of this and will turn Thunderbird into the next Tivo. So Key Posted.


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