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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mobile Healthcare

With the risk of being called Vincent, I spotted a nice idea in Korea…

Since the first of Januari all cellphone users in Korea can keep their phone number if they change their service provider. (Yep number portability goes global ;-))

“As a result, the competition has picked up among mobile phone service providers, with companies trying to figure out ways to draw new subscribers. SK Telecom (one of the providers) said recently that it plans on introducing a "mobile health care phone" next month, which is targeted at subscribers who are at least middle aged. The company claims the phone, which comes with a battery that contains a sensor, can monitor the phone owners' blood sugar, stress and body fat levels, all by merely placing a finger on the sensor. Not to be outdone competitor KTF plans to introduce a cellphone this month, it claims provides eyesight checkups, including color blind tests. The phone owner only needs to look into the phone's monitor for the checkups, and a program can determine one's eye prescription. KTF said the service is for customers who rarely have time to visit the eye doctor because they can't get away from the office... For those who might have too much to drink after work, KTF is also coming out with a phone where the customer can check his or her blood alcohol content. “ Interested in other phone ideas? Check this.


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