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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Key Posted 2

In a previous contribution about Key Posted I proposed Thunderbird to add more context to content. Reworked after some conversations, the argument runs as follows. Protocols like Shoutbox, WWW, Faxing, VOIP, SMS, Newsleech, Torrent, IM, Phoning, RSS, Email, and Blogging are all about publishing content within different contexts. Context gives published content a sense of authoring, licencing, proposed and excluded audience, subject, urgency, proposed answering method ect. Now, in choosing the protocol one chooses the context for someone else. That's wrong.
Taking this to email, the TO and FROM in content posting give content just a limited form of context. E.g. with incoming email, I am probably in somebodys' proposed audience, but without my consent (take spam and anoying CCs). The pop/smtp protocol lacks in itself the buddy online feature that allows me to instantmessage my incoming emailsender. So in choosing to send me email you decide how I receive it and reply to it. I hate that. In principle.
Sure, unified messaging can translate back and forth for me, but since I don't know the context of inbound content, I cannot ever know if your incoming fax should be read aloud on my voicemail or summarized OCR textconverted to my SMS or even trashcanned because not of interest to ME. I cannot decide picking up my mobile alone on having a CallerID or even subject, I want to know the whole context. Using oldfashioned OPC, Onesided Protocol Choosing (and with it, addressing) to give content a context is the wrong way around. I want to be able to subscribe to content within a certain context.
So, I still don't know if you actually want to know about my proposed Tivo in Thunderbird RSS: (If I could automatically program my TVcard to take EPG RSS feeds (like the aussi link in the heading) why can't it automatically have syndicated torrents included to everybody taping that? I have a licence to that content anyway, since I could have seen it on TV. Kind of peerpodcasting TV programs. ) I can assume you want that, I can propose, but YOU should be able to decide if YOU think it's interesting. Next time in Key Posted a proposition on adding a little bit of context to (Atom) content so we can abandon fax/phonenumber, IM, URL's and emailaddresses all together ;). Key Posted.


  • Actually just combining peercasting and podcasting makes a viable idea...

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