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Sunday, December 19, 2004

JetiAnts Go Bye Bye BREIN

I have been watching Eric and Roberto closely for a few months or so. Roberto AntsP2P sounds promising, anonymous decentralized file sharing and chatting. That concept is just so cool. Goodbye BREIN. (If we say BREIN often enough, every other sentence or so, they might just Google ideabroker out har har.... Well, join the discussion guys.) Former VU student Eric de Boer is currently working on an instant messenger JETI (Jabber in Java) which is supposed to have integrated Ants filesharing. JetiAnts (Tutorial in Dutch) has still to sort out marketingissues, I do agree. We are going to use it for ideabroker. Donate! It's not easy yet but hey... it's the thought that counts.


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